What is the World’s Best Selling Musical Instrument?

Have you ever wondered about the world’s best selling musical instrument? If you are doing wild guessing, probably you would answer guitar, piano, drum, banjo, mic, or else. But the answer might surprise you.

According to some popular musicians and music experts, the world’s best selling musical instrument is harmonica. I know. Shocker, right?

If you don’t believe it, you could use your search engine and seek the best selling musical instrument. The answer will be there.

Harmonica is a popular musical instrument which each musician will likely own.

What is the World’s Best Selling Musical Instrument?


Harmonica is also known as French harp or mouth organ. It is categorized as the free reed wind instrument.


Before uttering out such different models and different genres that use harmonica, harmonica has such a long history back to 2500 BC.


But back then, history showed that it first appeared in China. The 2500 BC documented that the free reed instrument was spotted at the traditional Chinese Sheng.


But this free-reed was the initial design of the harmonica that we have seen today.


The great thing is that this musical instrument is a great choice for different genres from pop, ballad, blues, rock and roll, brit-pop, country, jazz, classical music, orchestra, and so on.


Harmonica is a popular option because of many reasons. It is small, compact, and light. But it has a great sound. It is a perfect companion for all music lovers. The handheld device offers all the users the fun explorations and experiments so that you can mix and match the song with it. There is no such thing that produces unique sounds as harmonica.


According to Hohner, one of the top harmonica brands, the company has sold over one billion harmonicas.


Harmonica types


Here are the different types of harmonica that are available on the market:


Bass versions







All of them are mouth instruments. Each type has different characteristics and design. If you’re interested in learning harmonica, you could consider informing yourself with those harmonica types first before picking yours.


The best harmonica brands


To get the best harmonica in your hands, you will want to focus on the best brands which have the great quality of product lines. There are many brands to check out there. But only few of them offer good quality and considerable price. Save your time to browse around by yourself and see our list instead.




Hohner has been around for decades and brought out the best harmonica lines in the market. But it is more popular because of its diatonic harmonica models. There are many names of harmonica which come in different prices. But their qualities are awesome.


Hohner has the appropriate collections and range of choices for the beginners to professionals. So, if you’ve just started, taking Hohner does not hurt at all. In fact, most international schools or courses suggest their students to take Hohner harmonica to practice and perform. When you are a pro player, you will also take Hohner as your main brand.  Or, perhaps, you are interested in other brands like Fender?




Fender is popular for its ranges of electric guitar and electric guitar bass. But it also produces some of the best harmonica models in the market.


There are also Fender harmonica models that allow the users to play it along with their guitars. If you plan to play your harmonica while strumming your guitar, Fender has the great models to take a look.


Not only for the blues players, the harmonica with holder is a popular choice for musicians in different genres including country, pop, rock, jazz, and so on. The holder is the link to the guitar. Fender has different harmonica models that can suit your personal preferences and skills.




Swan is a great option for budget conscious folks. But don’t get the cheaper option wrong idea. The affordable price of Swan harmonica models do not mean that they come with poor quality. In fact, Swan is a popular brand in many music communities, international schools, and groups.


Swan is a popular option because of its quality harmonicas for beginners. If you’ve just started, or made harmonica playing as a hobby, you cannot go wrong with this brand.

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