Unique Gifts for Musicians | Top Rated

Are you wondering what is the best gift for your musician recipient? Whether it is your friend, family member, or someone special, you don’t want to get the wrong gift to give. There are many unique gifts for musicians that you can find on the market. But it would take a long time to browse and find the best one for your recipient.

You have come to the right page since we’d like to share the compelling list of gifts for you. You don’t need to waste your time to browse around and see our list instead.

Unique Gifts for Musicians | Top Rated


Gifts for musicians under $20


Personalized Music Mug

If you want to make the unique gifts for musicians more personal, you could consider picking the personalized music mug. The customizable mug like this is an appropriate gift for your close friend, or someone special. If you have a fellow fan who shares the same passion, this personalized gift can make a great choice to increase your relationship with them.

Its unisex design makes it a great choice for anyone special in your social circle. To add the personalization, you will need to type the name of your recipient then it will be printed on the mug.

personalized music note mug


Uke, I am Your Father T-Shirt

It is a funny T-Shirt. Many people believe uke was first coming out before electric guitar, but the electric guitar makes such a bold statement ‘Uke, I am your father!”

This slim-fit T-shirt can make a great choice if you want to give something to wear with funny quotes on it.

Designed by SirWatson, the T-shirt comes with cool design, various color options, as well as catchy lines. You can also pick the type of clothing you want to give such as a T-Shirt, round neck, v neck, long sleeve, slim fit, baseball shirt, and so on.

Uke, I am your Father! T-Shirt


Music Note Ring

If you focus on Jewelry gifts, this music note ring is definitely one of the most unique gifts for music lovers.  Coming in various sizes, you will want to know the exact measurement of your recipient first then pick the right one. You could ask her friend or family to get the exact size. The material of this ring is sterling silver.

The ring is adjustable so that it is a great choice for all folks regardless of their finger size differences. It also comes with gift package  so you can directly ship this gift to your recipient’s address.

Music Note Ring


Music Insulated Travel Mug

If your special travels a lot, this Music Insulated travel mug can be cool gift for musicians.

The moment he or she unboxes the package, they will be amazed with the design of the mug. This travel mug will be the perfect companion for your recipient when they are on their way to their destination.

With 14 oz capacity, it has perfect insulation to keep the drinks hot or cold for a long time. The adequate size of the mug can fit most common car cup holders.

The note sign on the design itself cannot go wrong. You could bundle it with the other item or give it as a standalone. Obviously, your recipient will be impressed.


Music Insulated Travel Mug



Nature Music Classic T-Shirt

Nature music classic t-shirt comes with fun and impressive uke design in the middle of the T-shirt. It is a perfect gift idea for music lovers, for guitar or uke lovers or players, professionals, your daddy, your mom, brother, sister, or special ones who have such a hobby or interest.

Designed by SStarStudio, this t-shirt is evergreen and sourced ethically. If your gift recipient loves nature, this gift can make a great choice for them.

Nature Music Classic T-Shirt



Canvas Tote Bags

Whether your special one needs a new bag or joining with a green movement, canvas tote bags like these can really serve the purpose. The marching band music staff personalized canvas tote bags really kill it.

The manufacturer provides a blank space where you can put any text you want on the tote bags. This personalization tote bag can make a great choice if you want to deliver a message for your recipient. You can put anything on the text space from the name, message, quote, etc. Get creative with your message so that your special one will remember it forever.

Canvas Tote Bags


Wooden Guitar Pick Box

Whether your recipient is a bassist or guitarist, they would really need a high-quality pick box to store their picks safely and maintain their condition. Well, you can contribute to their important life by getting them a Wooden Guitar Pick box. It is a perfect gift for your father, mother, lover, friend, or anyone who is playing guitar or bass.

You can also add personalization to make this gift more personal between you and your recipient. You could enter the name or phrase, or quote, or perhaps favorite lyrics so that it can make the gift more memorable and special.

Wooden Guitar Pick Box



Gifts for musicians under $50


Crossbody Cell Phone Purse

Noticing that she needs a new purse for her music or daily activity? Then you could consider getting her Chala Crossbody Cell Phone Purse. Different from other models from other brands, you can customize the straps of this purse, as well as choose the right colors for your recipient.

The design is awesome. You can see the front pocket which features unique CHALA Characters. It is a convenient, compact, and fun companion for our lady.  Made with finest lining material, it provides protection to the phone from bumping and other impacts. The phone holder comes with an adequate size that is suitable for most modern phones such as  Apple iPhone 6S 6S Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, Samsung Galaxy Note 5, Note 4, Note 3, Galaxy S3, S4, S5, S6, S7.

Crossbody Cell Phone Purse


Plush Fleece Blankets

The plush fleece blankets are another great gift idea for your music lover buddy. The piano picture design is great. You are able to personalize this gift too. You can add the name of the recipient of your gift below the piano picture. The personalized piano musical design gift can make a great choice for piano lovers, piano players, and common music enthusiasts.

These plush fleece blankets can make your recipient convenient all the time. And when they wear it for binge-watching their favorite Netflix TV show, they will remind you.

music note blanket



Personalized Acoustic Guitar Bag

Does your recipient have an acoustic guitar collection in their music room? Perhaps one bag is not enough to carry their favorite guitars in one place. Well, you could get them a special gift of a personalized acoustic guitar bag.

This acoustic guitar bag is not like any other commoner in the market.  It can make perfect unique gifts for musicians because you can customize it to suit your recipient’s personal preferences and tastes.

You can add any design to suit the likeness and personalization of your recipient. You can make her or him stand out from the crowds by giving them a personalized guitar case. Get one bag and put the design to match their mood.

Personalized Acoustic Guitar Bag 50


Love Tuner Necklace

The Love Tuner is a pendant which is a perfect companion for all music lovers. This item can make such perfect unique gifts for musicians because it can play the soothing tones when the users inhale and exhale. There’s a good reason for this. It holds the tuning to love frequency or to 528hz.

Not only that the design of the pendant is impressive, it also produces such rejuvenating and soothing sound. The meditative flute is designed ergonomically so that all users can wear it as a necklace without any hassle.

Your recipient will love this item as they wear it. When they inhale and exhale through the mouth, the meditative flute will produce therapeutic tones that can calm their mind. When they look at this pendant, they’ll know that they’re having someone special watching over them.

Love Tuner Necklace


Major Scale Musical Wine Glasses

Noticing boring wine glass in their living room? Why not getting them the major scale musical wine glasses? The music note themed gifts can be right for this moment whether your music lovers are wine connoisseurs or not. Well, it is because no matter when they have wine time, they will bring out your glasses and remember of you. There’s also a chance that they will invite you over to enjoy the wine together.

What makes this different is the astonishing melody and symphony that you can bring out with these glasses. The blank note lines on the wine glass really match the music room, studio, or any living room.

Bundling it with the finest wine in town would also be a great idea!

Major Scale Musical Wine Glasses



Vinyl Record Wall Clock

If you notice your recipient’s music room needs more items to decorate, then the vinyl record wall clock can be the coolest gifts for musicians to get. The Jeff Davis’ vintage vinyl home decor item will really add the uniqueness to any room it stays. There is no such thing as unique golden oldies. The handmade timepiece comes with vinyl design and attractive record logos, which is a perfect motivation for all music lovers. There is a thing with the vintage-themed item like this. It would bring back folks to the 80s, when it was still popular back then.


Music Note Bookends

If your special one is a music enthusiast, there’s a chance that they have their music books or tutorials in their room. This music note bookends can make a perfect gift since it can help them organize the books in their room.  Made of glass, it comes with such unique and distinctive appeal which not all furnishing items have. These handmade music note bookends are unique gifts for piano teachers and guitarists, or music enthusiasts in common.

There are also different color options to choose to match your recipient’s personal preferences.

Each order will include a set of 2 handmade bookends.

Music Note Bookends


Leather music journal

Every musician must have a music journal to jot down and memorize their fantastic ideas. If it is no different for your special one, you cannot go wrong with this leather music journal.

Made from the finest quality of leather, this can make a perfect gift for music, composer, songwriter, as well as musicians in general. It comes with various colors to choose from. You can also opt to monogram initials to make it more personal and attractive.

Leather music journal



Personalized Vinyl Record Doormat

Only with this personalized vinyl record doormat, you will be able to make your special one to go platinum.

The LP-inspired doormat comes with an appealing design for all music lovers. You can personalize it with your recipient’s name on the record label. Every Time they step their feet into their music room, they will smile or laugh and remember you as the special one.

It is a great pleasure for everyone who enters their room and is welcomed by this LP-inspired floor mat. It is obviously a distinctive unique gift for musicians you can give.

personalized vinyl record doormat


Guitar Glasses

For some people, they love to add what they like or are passionate in their life. In this case, music enthusiasts would want to make it easier with their life. Guitar drinking glasses are the perfect representation of their passion. There’s a philosophy behind this. They drink through music.

Not to mention that the graphic guitars are stunning and hard to resist. Whether he is a guitarist or common music enthusiast, they will hardly resist this gift. They won’t refrain from drinking thanks to these glasses.

guitar drinking glasses






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