Music Room Decor Ideas

If you are an avid music lover, it won’t be surprising to see you come with the idea of decorating a music room in your home.  The music room decor ideas can be a bit tricky because each person has personal taste of music preference and genre.

When we talk about music room decoration ideas, there is no one fixed formula for every challenge. The very first thing in your mind to consider might be the theme of your music room, which is good.

It is not hard to pick the right theme for your music room but you will need to prepare your room well before you are too late to fix some errors. Here are some music room decoration ideas that you can consider for your upcoming room.

Music Room Decor Ideas


Measure the space


Obviously, you will want the end result to be great for you and your instruments. No matter what your instruments, you need to make sure that all of them should fit in your room, and leave some space to move around.


You can set the space for different instruments, tools, and other items in your rooms. You could prepare some shelves or wall-mounted storage. But you can also hang your instruments.


If you are planning to get a sound system as well, make sure to do the exact measurement so that all of the stuff will be fitting there without any problem.



Get the right theme


It is the foremost aspect to consider after measuring your room. The theme is going to dictate the rest of elements in your music room. That’s why you cannot underestimate it. The best way to decorate your music room is to follow the theme accordingly. That’s why you need to decide it before everything else.


Is your room already soundproof?


Soundproof system is the most basic for any music room. It is the most pivotal thing to consider because you will be using your music room for a long time in the future. Therefore, your music room decor ideas should not betray the real function of your music room.


There is a good reason why your music room should be soundproofed.


The first reason is to make sure there is good isolation in your room so that the sound will not go outside the room and disturb your neighbors. But it actually works vice versa. When you install the soundproof in your music room, you can also protect yourself from the distractions in surrounding. The outside sounds will not enter your music room so that you will have nice music sessions.



Placing the lighting


Lighting is important for your music room. Some people only focus on one type of light. Well, it is actually a great idea to have both dim and bright lights because you can use them interchangeably depending on the condition.



Having some posters


Surely, you have some musicians who inspire you the most. You could hang the posters there for motivation.


Speaking of motivation, your posters can be anything from your dream girl, dream car, or anything you like. You know, these posters can really give a unique vibe in your music room and you will be comfortable to spend hours to get creative there.



How about wall stickers?


If you plan to change your environment in the future, or perhaps your music room theme is seasonal, it is a great idea to get the wall stickers for your music room. The good thing about wall stickers or decals is that you can remove them when you are bored and want to renovate your room. There is no need to repaint your room. You could just change the wall stickers or decals with the new ones.


Make it comfortable with the right furnishings


Make your music room cozy by adding some furnishings like L sofa, seat, throw pillows, side table, etc. the key to make a successful music room is not only about choosing the right theme, but also arranging your room so that everyone will be comfortable when using the room.


Your comfy sofa will let everyone to sit and enjoy the time there.

If you plan to make this your second life, then it is also a great idea to add a portable bed or loft bed so that you can take a nap to rejuvenate.


When choosing the furnishings, make sure to get the quality ones. Mind about the shape and design as well.


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