How to See Who Follows Your Spotify Playlist

Spotify has become one of the most accessed services in these past five years. If you are reading this page, huge chances are you have just started, or been using this for a while.

Amongst the many questions, perhaps you are wondering how to see who follows your spotify playlist. And we will get down to the answer exactly right now.

You are able to make a playlist, and allow the other people to follow your Spotify playlist. And you can see the number of followers who are following your playlist. But as you can see the recent numbers of followers, Spotify does not allow you to see who follows your playlist. In other words, only the number of followers is available to show.

Back then, Spotify allowed users to see their playlist followers. But for any reason, this feature is no longer viable anymore. You will only be able to see who follows your profile in your profile. And you will keep being oblivious towards the followers of your playlist.

How to See Who Follows Your Spotify Playlist


You can see your profile’s followers


So, although you cannot see how to see who follows your Spotify playlist, you can see the users who follow your profile.


But still, you can’t see who follows your Spotify playlists. It is not a bad thing, though.


While you don’t know who’s following your playlist, you know your true followers. And there is a chance that some of your followers follow your playlist too. Well, it is only natural.


When you follow an interesting profile, and you are fond of him or her, you might want to follow other stuff that relates to him or her, right?


So, we cannot exclude the possibility that the ones who follow your profiles could also follow your Spotify playlist.


By seeing the number of the playlist followers, you can also know if your playlist is good or not. The more people follow your playlist, the better your playlist is.


You can see how many people following your playlist


Here is another good thing. Although you cannot see people who have been following your Spotify playlist, you will be able to know the exact number of followers you have on your overall playlist.


As I mentioned before, the followers follow your playlist for a reason. And it is almost impossible that they follow your playlist because they don’t like the songs you compiled. If they don’t like the songs, they won’t follow you. If they love a track or two, or all of the songs you’ve added to your playlist, they will follow it to get the real time updates.


You can also see how many followers to follow each of your playlist



Not only overall playlists, but you can also see the number of followers of each playlist you have. You just need to go to the specific playlist, and there will be numbers to show how many followers you have for this specific playlist.


Playlist with no follower will utter “0 follower”. that means your playlist is not wanted, or you rarely share your playlist or promote it. Don’t worry though. If you have personal tastes in the music and compile those songs in your playlist, you will eventually come across the same-minded people in the same platform. Or, perhaps, they could come from other platforms. There’s A chance that your Facebook friends want to see your Spotify playlist. So, don’t hesitate to share your playlist to all of your social media pages.


How to see your followers numbers on Spotify


While there is no way on how to see who follows your spotify playlist, you can still see the exact followers numbers of your playlist. It is easy to see how many followers that each playlist has.


First things first, you must launch your Spotify from your smartphone or computer.


Then you just need to open a playlist from your Library.


Below the title of your playlist, you will see the current number of followers who follow your playlist.


The number will immediately decrease or increase if there are followers who follow or unfollow your playlists.

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