How to Find a Song You Don’t Know the Name of

There have been many similar stories which involve the oblivious listeners and their favorite songs. You might have heard such a beautiful song in a department store and ended up curious about its title.  Since then, you have been trying to find a song but only know a few words.

Your friends or your family cannot help you much because all you know is some pieces of the lyrics.

No matter how hard you try to remember, you wouldn’t find the song’s title. I know that it is excruciating when we think this way.

But did you know that it is actually simple and easy to find these songs’ titles on the internet?   Buckle up and let’s see how to find a song you don’t know the name of below.

How to Find a Song You Don't Know the Name of


*Searching through your favorite browser*

You just need to open your laptop or PC and use your internet to start searching the title of the song that you’ve heard some pieces of their lyrics. Here are the options that you could consider.


Trying to find a song but only know a few words


Free online web-based music search tools


There are many websites which offer their users to find the song by just typing a few words in their search engine box. These song searching websites have been rising in popularity for years.


But not all of these websites are effective to help you find the song. Save your time to browse around and use my recommendations below. I have used these sites for trying to find a song I heard anywhere.


Song Wordsearch

Find Music By Lyrics



Using these websites will significantly fasten your searching process. As long as you remember some of the lyrics, it would be sufficient. You just need to type a few lines on the search box, hit the search button, and the result will show up immediately. Those sites are for those who are trying to find a song by lyrics. So, you will at least remember a few of the words or phrases before searching.


Keep in mind that there are probably some songs which come with similar lyrics. So, you will want to cross-check it on YouTube or other audio listening sites to make sure.


Google Search


Google Search is obviously a no-brainer option. We search anything on Google search engine so we can also search the title of the song through it.


Google Search Engine is arguably the best tool to help you trying to find a song but only know a few words.


Just like when you are looking for other information, Google will give you the best possible result. As long as you remember some words or phrases of the song, it wouldn’t be a problem to look for the song through Google search engine.


To make the search more effective, you could use the quotation marks along with the lines.


Get community’s help


If online tools are no help for you, it is time to rely on people who have the same interests as yours. There might not be much you can do about the song now. So, you could post any piece of information that you have about the song on the forum. Focus on big forums so that you will get quick responses from other members.


Depending on the language of the songs, you will want to focus trying to find a song but only know a few words in the specific forums. For instance, if the song language is Japanese, Chinese, or others, joining with Asian language focused forums can give you a huge chance.


Find the songs by singing it to the app


If you have no idea about the lyrics, you might at least still remember about the notation. Therefore, you can hum or whistle the song to find its title.


If you don’t know the exact lyrics of the song, you can hum it when using these apps.


These are the websites which you can have a look on how to find a song you don’t know the name of:





If none of them work, you might want to hum to your smartphone instead.


Identify song with your smartphone


I was trying to find a song but only know a few words in front of my friend. But your friends don’t always give the best references for you. Instead, you could rely on your smartphone.


it is pretty much easy to work on these apps. You just need to open the apps, turn it on, and hum your song. The app will listen to your voice and search the song from the huge database for you. In seconds, you will see the result.  Here are the apps that you could install: Shazam, SoundHound.


With those apps, you can find the song title even though you don’t know the lyrics.

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