How to Clean Piano Keys

After a while using your piano, you will notice that your piano is not as appealing as the first time you brought it home.

The weather, dirt, and other particles can accumulate and stay at your piano keys. And when you look at them, there is nothing better than cleaning them. Your piano keys can be made of plastic or ivory. That’s why you will want to clean them with precautions to prevent the damage while the cleaning process happens.

How to Clean Piano Keys


*The common tips*


Every before and after your piano practice session, you will want to clean your piano keys from dirt, oil, sweat from your hands. If you leave it that way, the dirt will accumulate and it will make your piano keys ugly.


To clean them with minor cases, you could use moist cloth and wipe the keys gently.


Use mild solution water to clean the keys from the bacteria and viruses. You could pour the mild solution on the cloth and wipe it carefully following the keys.


Avoid whitening solution products because most of them come with bleach or other harmful substances which could affect the quality of your keys.


Make sure you routinely do this cleaning. Piano that is never cleaned is prone to cracking or chipping.



Cleaning your ivory piano keys


Here is how to clean ivory piano keys. The ivory piano keys can get dirty and when your piano is exposed to weather, the keys could turn to yellow.


To handle minor problems like marks, fingerprints, or dirt, you could use a mild solution and microfiber cloth to wipe all the keys.


Some people ask for professional help when noticing their piano keys turning yellow. But if you are not planning to hire a professional and spend much money to do this, you could apply the rubbing alcohol or toothpaste to remove the stain color.


The method is easy. You just need to pour the rubbing alcohol or toothpaste on your microfiber cloth, then wipe it with piano keys to clean.


It is a great idea if you have wet cloth and dry cloth. After wiping the keys, you could wipe it clean with the dry cloth.


The best way to clean your ivory piano keys to wipe the keys individually. You don’t have to be too meticulous when doing it. But make sure that you do it lightly. Do not give too much pressure on the keys to clean the keys up.


The wet wiping could take around 10 to 30 minutes depending on the size of area you need to cover. If you have left your piano for a while, it might take more time to clean them from top to bottom.


Some stubborn marks can also make the process longer. But you need to be patient to gently wipe the area several times until they are clean enough.


Once you’ve finished the wiping, time to dry the keys. Just like when you wip[e every key in your piano, you will need to dry them one by one with a dry towel or microfiber cloth. Don’t leave any liquid on your piano keys.



Cleaning your plastic piano keys


Here is how to clean plastic piano keys if you have a piano keyboard.


It is actually pretty similar on how to clean piano keys in ivory keys. But there’s a little difference in the procedure.


you need to prepare lukewarm water in a bowl and mix it with mild dish soap.


And you need to prepare two kinds of towel: one for wiping, and one for drying.


Dip the wiping cloth into the cleaning mixture liquid. But don’t make it wet. Just make it a little bit damp. Wet cloth can risk to make the liquid go between the keys.


To clean your piano keys, you just need to wipe the cloth with brushing motion with a little pressure. Do not put big pressure because it can ruin the piano keys.


Do the brushing motion to attain maximum results. Wipe from top to bottom of the keys, don’t do it side by side because it will make the keys broken.


You could clean the black keys with separate cloth.


After finishing the wipe, you could dry the piano keys by using your dry microfiber cloth.

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