How to Become a Better Singer Without Lessons

If you are interested to start singing, you might have come across numerous options to get your singing set of skills. For any reasons, perhaps lessons are not the option for you. If you want to know “how to become a better singer without lessons”, you have come to the right place.


You might have a question about whether it is possible to teach yourself how to sing better. Well, the answer is YES and NO. If you want to sing better professionally, conducting self-learning without taking any lessons is a big challenge. But you can use some opportunities that you can find to learn how to sing properly at least in a beginner to intermediate level.

How to Become a Better Singer Without Lessons Fast


Obviously, self-learning is not the best option that you have. But it is doable. It can be the best option so far if you are being quarantined at home. So, I can say: YES, you can sing better without taking any lessons.


*Here are some tricks that you can do right now at home*



Learn all the basics from the good resources.


Before you find your style or genre, you will want to cover the basics first before getting on the wrong tracks.


There are three things that you need to cover first: range, capacity, and articulation or diction.


Range, as we know, defines the tones between your lowest and highest pitch. The capacity is the amount of air that your lungs can handle when you inhale and exhale.  In other words, it will determine your durability in singing before you run out of your breath.


Can you teach yourself to sing better?


Now here is the tricky part, the articulation. Depending on what songs you are trying to sing, you will need to pay attention to the clarity of the words. Sometimes, it is hard to pronounce the words without affecting the quality of our voice. In other times, it is hard to maintain the pronunciation when you improve the quality of your vice. The best practice is to balance them in any way you can. So, you need to provide clarity while keeping the quality of your voice good.


So, how about the style, vocal coloring, and theory? You can overlook them first. After you cover all the previous bases, you can proceed.



Conducting routine exercise


Your cardiovascular health is the key to your singing performance and quality. The cardiovascular exercises can help you to improve the lung capacity, the ability to control your voice and improve your durability in singing.


Test your vocal range


Test your vocal range to know more about what you are capable of. You can use your instrument to test it. Or, you could use vocal range test apps in your smartphone.


Practice your songs with karaoke track or minus one track


Don’t sing together with the other person at the same time. In this case, you cannot practice with the original song with the original artist’s voice. It will only make your voice oblivious. Consider practicing using karaoke tracks. You should easily find your favorite tracks on YouTube or other sites for free.


Create special space for your practice


The problem with self-learning people is that their space is pretty limited. When it comes to how to become a better singer without lessons, you will need to mind about the place where you practice. The most ideal place is a space where no one can hear or get disturbed by your voice.


But the most pivotal reason is your progress. When you are in a shared or public place, it will put a pressure on yourself. You cannot sing maximally without being afraid to be judged by others, right?


Find a musician to get inspiration


Or, should I say your baseline singer? Your baseline singer does not necessarily have to be your favorite singer, although it could be the one. But more importantly, focus on musicians who have similar voices and range as yours. In this case, you need to be objective with your reasoning. If you cannot do it alone, you could ask for third party’s opinions. It is more prevalent to ask your seniors or your teachers, or someone professionals you know. They will give an honest opinion about your voice and will refer you to the most appropriate baseline singer. Your baseline musician will give you an objective idea how you’d need to improve as a singer. It will also ease you to find the songs that you can be good at.


Keep learning


If you are asking is it possible to teach yourself to sing better, the answer is simple. Keep practicing and learning! Practice won’t make you perfect, but better.


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