How Long Does It Take to Learn Electric Guitar

Right before you start your electric guitar lesson, you might wonder how long it takes to learn to play electric guitar. For many people, answers to this question are important because they are going to dedicate their time and efforts to make it happen.

The hours accumulated will depend on how many hours you invest in practicing. There are no tips for learning guitar which can guarantee that you can master the electric guitar skills for quicker time.

It is not about how good you will be in one month or two. But, rather, it is about how much your guitar skill will get better after 1000 more hours of practice.

If you are taking formal education to learn electric guitar, it could take 3.5 – 4 years to finish your education, and reach the intermediate level. Sometimes, you need to add more six months to get such certain skills.

The total hours invested will accumulate. For instance, if you spare four hours per day for six months, that is almost 720 hours.

For most beginners, spending six months learning serious skills will make such great progress. If you don’t meet with some friends or family for six months, and you perform in front of them, they will be shocked.

learn to play electric guitar


Although there is no world’s best guitar learning system that ensures the hours you need to take, there is a “10,000” hours rule proposed by Malcolm Gladwell.



Malcolm Gladwell’s 10,000 hours rule


The 10,000 hours rule is the hours you need to invest to become a professional electric guitar player. Although it is a debatable number, many performers followed this term and ended up pretty good. While it is an arbitrary approach, the number is also debatable.


Malcolm Gladwell suggested that the performers in any field could invest 10,000 hours or more of practice to achieve significant results. That does not only work for musicians, but also other performers like acrobatic performers, magicians, dog whisperers, and so on.


Of course, 10,000 hours rule does not guarantee certain aspects to achieve. It will depend on the amount of hours you invest and how much you achieve in such hours.


So, for instance, you want to spend four hours per day practicing and learning. It would take ten years to be an ample electric guitar performer. But again, the number is still debatable. Some people can reach certain levels faster than other people.


But here is what you can take from the 10,000 hours rule. It encourages you to make a target or goal. People without goals are clueless and quitters. If you want to succeed, you need to have clear goals in mind.


Just like others, you can eventually reach that level


When you ask about how long it takes to learn to play electric guitar, you must know that it is not an overnight solution.


It would take discipline so that you need to make it as your second nature. The results of practice do require discipline and commitment. If you are just doing it for fun, that’s okay.


But no matter what motivates you should be supporting your goals. If you play some parts in a learning session, but you feel bored and want to end the session, then you will need some motivation.


Play your favorite songs


Your instructor might suggest you learn and play your favorite songs besides the songs given in the courses. The good thing about this routine is that you can develop your rhythm and listening abilities. It will also hone your music sensitivity. You could play alongside the melodies you love.


Although you cannot play some songs superbly, it does not matter. If there’s an error or two, you must not burden yourself with your mistakes. Consider these as the rooms for improvement which enforce you to learn more.


So, how long?


So, how long does it take to learn to play electric guitar? As I said, it will be relative depending on the amount of hours you invested and how much you reach in every learning session. It could take a couple of years.


Obviously, you won’t have 8 hours per day to practice. When you were a child, you might not be interested in this. But it does not mean that you are late to start it.



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