Easy Songs to Sing That Sound Impressive

Whether you are self-learning or taking online courses to improve your singing skills, you don’t have to sing the same song over and over again. Kill your boredom with easy songs to sing for beginners and have fun with them.

The good thing that you can grab when finding easy songs to sing is that you are able to explore various things in them. You will be able to get the new technique and style, and even skills set from the new songs you’ve just sung.

Easy Songs to Sing That Sound Impressive


So, what are easy songs to sing that sound impressive? Without further ado, let’s take a look at the list.


Can’t Help Falling in Love


I am quite sure you’ve known this song for a while. This song has been passed from one generation to another. The performers are various.

It might sound easy, but the challenge here is to maintain your true tone quality and preserve the words clarity at the same time. I am sure you are not better in your first attempt.

It is a slow ballad which won’t require you to exhaust your voice. The chorus is repetitive so that it is easy to learn and comprehend. Only the bridge is cautious here since there are some variations in it. There’s also higher reach in the pitch. If you cannot reach that, you could lower the key to perfecting your skills.


Unchained Melody


What do you think about interval maneuvers up and down? With the narrow gap of the note, you will need to provide the clear tone quality and rhythmic accuracy. It is challenging but singing an unchained melody is easy.


Ave Maria


Ave Maria is an evergreen choice. It has been popular for decades in various societies because of its memorable title, great melodies, the classic, and other elements.  The original song of Ave Maria requires a centered tone. It is a perfect song to practice your breath. Try other versions as well. You will know the differences.


Shake it Off


Who doesn’t know Tay Tay? This song is so much fun, colorful, and upbeat. Gone are the days when you were listening to it. It is your turn now to sing this song. It has simple verses and melody. And I am sure you’ve mastered half of the lyrics by now. It is also a crowd-pleaser: a great idea to start your local influence.


Mamma Mia


Perhaps you were not living in that time, but upbeat and fun songs like this don’t age. It is fun and upbeat. Lyrics are easy to learn. If you have a mid-range voice, it is probably the best song you can sing right now.


Born This Way


Can you guess who’s performing the song? Yes, you’re right! Lady Gaga.


It is one of the most powerful songs from this amazing musician.


Contrary to popular belief, it is an easy song to sing by beginners. If you are looking for easy songs to sing that sound impressive, you must add Born This Way to your singing list. You cannot go wrong with it anyway. It is a perfect choice for vocals with lower to mid-range. It is appropriate practice if you want to focus on your articulation without fast tempo.


A Thousand Years


Christina Perri made such hype with her single A Thousand Years, which is also featured on the Twilight movie. It is what really defines easy songs to sing for beginners. The song does not require such high techniques or high notes. It is a great choice for lower to mid-range. Not to mention that it is a unisex song to sing. There is no such thing as this piano ballad song.


Never Gonna Give You Up


One of the most favorite meme songs you can easily find on the internet, Rick Astley has made it simpler for beginners. The lyrics are easy to remember. The notes are easy to learn. But consistency is the key to reach the quality of singing this song. You can count on this song to sing for any upcoming event in your country.




There you have it! I have mentioned all of the easy songs to sing for beginners. Which one do you favor the most? Let me know in the comment box below.


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